Doctor's Appointment

Transportation services can be schedule at anytime of the day, any of the week.


Offers to those needing a ride to and from the hospital for healthcare services

We provide services to:

  • Doctor’s Appointment

  • Assisted living

  • Physical therapy

  • Outings

  • Discharges

  • Dialysis

  • Airport shuttle



Who can use non-emergency medical transportation?

Various people with limited mobility like older citizens, disabled/handicapped, out door patiens, pre/post-surgery patients etc.

You will never miss an important appointment to healthcare center, rehabilitative sessions, treatment therapies that may include dialysis, chemotherapy, inter-facility transfers, hospital discharge, post-surgery visits, senior transport, behavioral health centers, routine doctor visits dental procedures, stroke & rehabilitative services, adult day care services and so on forth.

 we also do rides to the airport.

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